Good software analysis mercilessly strips away unnecessary complexity and hides necessary complexity behind simpler facades, encapsulating it within the most appropriate abstractions.
Critical to doing this is an intimate understanding of the domain you are working within, the inevitable trade-offs of the design options available, and a passionate intolerance of low quality work. For Mezza Group this is regardless of whether we do all the analysis and design within dedicated phases of a traditional, waterfall-style process or iteratively as part of a modern agile approach.

Our goal is to statically, and automatically verify the properties of software systems. The focus of much of our work is simultaneously achieving scalability, precision, and a straightforward way of expressing analyses that is easy to reason about. We ultimately use all the necessary techniques to create a full operating, custom-made to your needs, system.

A complete solution with high-end software will make a difference in the effectiveness and the professionalism of your company; it is a fact that it will improve the functionality of your enterprise technology, by efficient business processes.
There are a lot of factors that could lead to success or failure: resistance to change from users, software not really adapted to your business processes, even a market change in some cases. And that’s the importance of software analysis. A good and robust process analysis is certainly useful in many ways, especially to find weak points on current processes. It’s an activity that should be done nonetheless, but in the case of a new software implementation, it’s the most ironclad method to make things work as expected. Our experts will provide you with a complete and well-rounded analysis, as to enhance your software and lead your business processes to success.


Our Software Analysis Process

We go further than everyone else by analyzing the unique needs and expectations of your business.  We then relate these needs to the software you are using and the potential options available.  Our process begins with analyzing the processes and the key points of your business structure, and by analyzing how the software in question can enhance and improve everything.  This is followed by implementing customized solutions that are unique for your business.


Mezza Group guarantees:

  • Innovative and complete solutions, tailor-made to your needs in order to enhance your business potential
  • Integration of your business structure with custom built software
  • Technological implementation that supports your business structure

After receiving a complete analysis of your business structure and the software that you use, we further develop options by incorporating potential solutions. Our team has years of experience with the project planning and management that is needed in order to create a well-rounded software system. You can rely to our consultation and software professionals.