Whether you are a brand new or a veteran business, is always a good idea to advertise online. There are many reasons of why online advertising should be a part of your marketing budget. More than ever, consumers use the internet in order to research and select products to purchase… even if they plan to buy them offline! A good advertising campaign will prompt them to consider your products and services over a competitor.

Mezza Groups offers a cost effective ads service, which guarantees that you business will read a large audience quickly and at a lower cost than many other media. Everything is immediate; we will analyze your business needs, and create the best strategy as to reach the target audience; we will test, measure and improve the ads, as we would do with any other marketing program.

Building Ad Strategies

An advertising strategy is the formulation of a message that communicates to the market the benefits or problem solution characteristics of the product or service. Through a strategy you convey through your ads and state what your business offers in order to meet the consumer’s needs; how your product has more beneficial characteristics than the competition’s; and what the beneficial characteristics are.

There are several steps in order to create the ideal ad strategy, such as the following:

  • Keywords

Your company will be “recognized” through the ads by the use of specific keywords that are associated with your business. When an individual types there into the search engines, your ad will show at the top of the rankings, amongst other competitors.

  • Specialized content and images

Bother content and images are search by various search engines; there are specific strategies and tactics that can be used in order to ensure that your business is at the top of the search.

  • Pricing

Every online ad uses a different approach, depending on your needs; there are different pricing systems, based on what you are willing to pay. Here at Mezza Group, we will suggest you the best cost effective strategy for your company.


Ads that Get You Noticed

Even though all ads are created to help you achieve more traffic and potential sales, it takes specific strategies to ensure results.  If you don’t use the right pay per click alternatives, keywords or tactics, then you won’t receive the right rankings.  Our ad services are based on analyzing your business first, followed by managing the ad words that you want to use to get results.  We also offer services for reselling so you can acquire ad space and reuse this for your needs.  
Specifically, our services include:

Ad services to manage PPC (pay per click) and CPA(cost per ad)

  • Reselling of ad services for strategic results
  • Specialized tactics for Google adwords, Microsoft ad center, Bing and Yahoo Smart Ads
  • Strategies for Web 2.0 portals, such as Facebook ads
  • Management and publication of ads and banners for owned and partnership websites


When you work with our service providers, you will be exposed to a variety of tactics and alternatives to manage ads in order to get on the top pages of search engines or other portals.  Our management and reseller services, as well as alternatives for partnership networks, guarantee that you receive the best strategies for your website.